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2022-23 GCMHL Registration Form
Please use the form below to signup for the 2022-23 season in the GCMHL.
  • Please review the full information before signing up.
Payment Info:
  • League fees are: $625.
  • Every player must be insured by CARHA - the fees are: $25. If you have the reigstration from another league you don't need to pay it again .
  • An initial payment of $400 must be received no later than Friday, Sept 2nd, 2022 to be eligible for the draft.
  • eTransfers: Interac money transfers are preferred and can be sent to Chad Morreau at the following address: gcmhl.treasurer@gmail.com. Set the answer to be: hockey
  • Cheques can be made payable to: Glen Cairn Men's Hockey League.
Other Info:
  • We are a 35+ league. New players must be 35 in 2022.
  • Rookie Skate is TBD
  • Draft night is Monday, Sept 5th, 2022
  • First night is Wednesday, Sept 7th, 2022
Registration Conditions:
  1. I will not hold the GCMHL or any of it's League Executives responsible for any injuries and/or lost property or damage.
  2. If my league fees have not been paid in full by Friday, Oct 21st, 2022 without previous arrangements with the Treasurer, I will not be eligible for the draft.
  3. I have read and accept the rules of the league as defined by the League Constitution.

New Players:
  • Select "I'm a New Player" and fill out the info below.
  • Please use the "Extra Info" field to describe your level of play. This helps position you in the draft.
Returning / Alumni / Past Rookie Skate Players / Spares:
  • Pick your name from the existing player list and fill-in any fields that need updating below.
Any questions or issues please contact

Registered (93):
78 Returning Full
0 Alumni
0 Returning Rookie
15 New
Ahee, Darrell2 weeks ago
Ahee, Trevor2 weeks ago
Aikman, Scott2 weeks ago
Arrigo, Richard2 weeks ago
Battye, James1 week ago
Belair, Frank6 days ago
Black, Mike2 weeks ago
Bochert, Gary2 weeks ago
Bunker, Noel1 week ago
Burnett, Mike1 week ago
Byrne, Daryl3 days ago
Canuel, Vincent2 weeks ago
Carchidi, Bruno2 weeks ago
Chabot, Chris21 hours ago
Clarke, Steve2 weeks ago
Colvin, Eric1 week ago
Corcoran, Bill2 weeks ago
Curtis, Brett1 week agonew
Dalton, Mike 1 day ago
Dattani, Anand2 days agonew
Davidson, Andrew2 weeks ago
Davidson, Nick3 days ago
Denley, Jake2 weeks ago
Dokken, Paul1 week agonew
Fenn, Bryan2 weeks agonew
Fenn, Rob2 weeks ago
Gagne, Dan1 week ago
Gaudet, Travis2 weeks ago
Goold, Jeff2 weeks ago
Goulais, Kory2 weeks ago
Greco, Amleto2 days ago
Greene, Paul2 weeks ago
Greenhalgh, Dave10 hours ago
Gregoire, Marc6 days ago
Guenette, Matthew2 weeks ago
Hale, Mike2 weeks ago
Hamilton, John4 days ago
Henry, Chris2 weeks ago
Hodgins, Kris2 weeks ago
Hutton, Lee2 days agonew
Kelemen, Daniel5 days ago
Kelemen, Jeff7 days ago
Koss, Tim2 weeks ago
Labenek, Jeff2 weeks ago
Lafleur, Roy2 weeks ago
Lapensee, Jeff2 weeks ago
Leeks, Steven2 weeks ago
Legg, Jordan18 hours agonew
Lowrey, Graham1 week ago
Lynn, Ben3 days ago
MacFarlane , Steve9 hours ago
McCartney, Dave3 days ago
McDonald, Tim2 weeks ago
McFarlane, Michael7 days ago
McGee, James3 days ago
Milloy, Jeff2 weeks ago
Morreau, Chad2 weeks ago
Mulder , Greg 1 week agonew
Murphy, Kyle1 week ago
Nastrom, Christopher2 weeks ago
Newans, Dwayne 2 days agonew
Newberry, Jared2 weeks ago
Ortiz, Fernando15 hours agonew
Paquet, Michel2 weeks ago
Parent, Paul2 weeks ago
Parsons, Scott 2 days ago
Poirier, Rick7 days ago
Ponomarev, Alexey2 weeks ago
Rafuse, Mark2 weeks ago
Ranger, Wes1 week ago
Roose, Jason2 weeks ago
Roose, Shane6 days ago
Ross, Jonathan2 weeks ago
Samojlenko, Philip2 weeks ago
Saunders, Scott2 weeks agonew
Scharf, Tim3 days ago
Smith, Greg 2 weeks ago
Smith, Robin2 weeks agonew
Smith, Trevor2 weeks ago
Spooner, Brad1 week ago
Stevenson, Andrew2 weeks ago
Stoparczyk, Derek6 days ago
Sweeney, Trevor2 weeks ago
Talbot, Scott5 days ago
Vickery, Lee2 weeks ago
Viktora, Martin2 weeks ago
Wakelin, Jay2 days ago
Walker, Brad1 week ago
Washington, Kyle19 hours agonew
Williams, Blake6 days agonew
Willmett, Nick2 weeks ago
Young , Scott1 week agonew
Zanetti, David20 hours agonew