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2020-21 GCMHL Registration Form
Please use the form below to signup for the 2020-21 season in the GCMHL.
  • Please review the full information before signing up.
    As it stands now the City of Ottawa has set parameters for playing hockey during Covid. 
    They are as follows:

    Cohorts of 50 players (ie: a playing bubble)
    No more than 20 skaters on the ice including goalies

    At this point you need to come dressed to the rink and put your skates on 
    (subject to change so we hear). You can be 15 minutes early for your ice time 
    and you have 10-15 minutes to leave after your game is complete

    No showers

    Try to maintain distance on the ice
    No Contact

    Attendance with contact info must be kept for each ice time for 
    purposes of contact tracing.  If someone within your cohort of 50 tests positive for Covid, 
    you may be required by OPH to get tested and quarantine for up to 14 days

    As you can see from these rules, running our league as per normal is impossible, therefore we have 
    come up with the idea of playing 4v4 shinny, still drafting teams, with a set schedule. 
    This would/could begin as early as the Wednesday after Thanksgiving (Oct 14th). 
    No refs or timekeepers will be present and score will not be kept officially. 
    Sorry for you stat hounds. The hope is that things will return closer to normal in 
    the new year and we can have a condensed league from Jan-April with our traditional banquet. 
    The cost for Shinny is set at $250 (10 players per squad including goalies) non-refundable 
    as when we make a commitment to purchase ice we can only return ice 30 days prior to the 
    scheduled date. In the event there is a shutdown like we experienced at the end of our season, 
    we would be refunded our ice costs and this would be remitted back to the players. 
    We need to have guaranteed funds to pay for ice as a monthly cost for ice would be 
    in the neighbourhood of 5-6K. This is not viable for the league to absorb that cost. 
    If we do not return to normal and the same rules apply we will then take a 
    few weeks off over Xmas and flip the teams around so you can play vs. a different group of guys.

    What we need from you:

    1. Registration will be rebooted as we need those who will register to have a complete understanding as to 
       what they are signing up for with all the rules, costs, implications put before them. 
       All players must re-register.
    2. Commitment by September 1st along with payment of the $250 (insurance included) 
        to ensure we can purchase the ice as our leagues cut off to return ice is Sept 7th, 2020

    3. Buy in to the rules and be respectful to our fellow players. Shinny is different than 
        what we normally do and the compete level isn’t what we are looking for. Get out, have a skate, 
        and maybe a beverage in the parking lot (Molson Dream)


    Can you sit out and stay part of the league? 
    Yes absolutely, no one will lose a spot for sitting out, health and safety for all is 
    imperative and family comes first.

    Can I join part way through shinny? 
    This is not clear, we will know more as time goes on

    Could I sign up for January start up (if I don’t play shinny) if the league resumes play? 
    Yes provided that things return to normal and we follow protocols

    How many teams for Shinny? 
    As many as we need to accommodate registration, if we have 100 players, then 10 teams, 
    if 120 sign up then 3 cohorts of 4 teams, its all based on interest

    What about the funds returned to the league from last season’s shutdown? 
    We put an email out awhile ago in regards to this. 
    For those who wish to have their funds returned as they are not returning to play, 
    we will give you an exact figure and get that off to you in early September once 
    we set things up for the shinny. For returning players we can talk about the best way to do it.

    Will the league lose their ice if we don’t play? 
    No, we have our allocations going forward if we choose not to run the league, in any format, this year.
Payment Info:
  • NOTE: payment of $250 must be received no later than September 1st, 2020 to be eligible for the draft.
  • eTransfers: E-mail money transfers are preferred and can be sent to Chad Morreau at the following address: gcmhl.treasurer@gmail.com
  • Cheques can be made payable to: Glen Cairn Men's Hockey League.
  • Drop off cheques (no cash please) at Jason Roy's residence (in the mailbox). 43 Naismith Crescent, Kanata.
Other Info:
  • We are a 35+ league. New players must be 35 in 2020.
  • Draft date is TBD
Registration Conditions:
  1. I will not hold the GCMHL or any of it's League Executives responsible for any injuries and/or lost property or damage.
  2. If my league fees have not been paid in full by September 1st, 2020 without previous arrangements with the Treasurer, I will not be eligible for the draft.
  3. I have read and accept the rules of the league as defined by the League Constitution.

New Players:
  • Select "I'm a New Player" and fill out the info below.
  • Please use the "Extra Info" field to describe your level of play. This helps position you in the draft.
Returning / Alumni / Past Rookie Skate Players / Spares:
  • Pick your name from the existing player list and fill-in any fields that need updating below.
Any questions or issues please contact

Registered (58):
53 Returning Full
0 Alumni
0 Returning Rookie
5 New
Ahee, Darrell3 weeks ago
Ahee, Trevor4 weeks ago
Aikman, Scott4 weeks ago
Arrigo, Richard4 weeks ago
Battye, James4 weeks ago
Bochert, Gary4 weeks ago
Bunker, Noel4 weeks ago
Burnett, Mike4 weeks ago
Caisse, Donny3 weeks ago
Canuel, Vincent 4 weeks agonew
Carchidi, Bruno4 weeks ago
Cusson, Patrick3 weeks ago
Dalton, Mike4 weeks agonew
Davidson, Andrew4 weeks ago
Davidson, Nick4 weeks ago
Dechamplain, Louis4 weeks ago
Denley, Jake3 weeks ago
Finch, Adam4 weeks ago
Franko, Larry4 weeks ago
Gagne, Dan4 weeks ago
Gaines, Michael4 weeks ago
Goodwin, Malcolme4 weeks ago
Goold, Jeff4 weeks ago
Greene, Paul2 weeks agonew
Guevara, Gerald4 weeks ago
Haines, Ron4 weeks ago
Holland, John4 weeks ago
Iob, Kenny4 weeks agonew
Johnson, Blaine 3 weeks ago
Kennedy, Christopher4 weeks ago
Koss, Tim4 weeks ago
Lafleur, Roy4 weeks ago
Lapensee, Jeff4 weeks ago
Lortie, Samuel3 weeks ago
MacPherson, Rob4 weeks ago
Maxwell, Tim4 weeks ago
McCartney, Dave4 weeks ago
McGee, James4 weeks ago
Milloy, Jeff4 weeks ago
O'Neill, Greg4 weeks ago
Paquet, Michel2 weeks ago
Parsons, Scott 1 week ago
Perkins, Stephen3 weeks ago
Ranger, Wes4 weeks ago
Roose, Jason4 weeks ago
Ross, Colin3 weeks ago
Ross, Jonathan4 weeks ago
Samojlenko, Philip4 weeks ago
Scharf, Tim4 weeks ago
Smith, Trevor3 weeks ago
Snider, John3 weeks ago
Spooner, Brad4 weeks ago
Stoparczyk, Derek4 weeks ago
Vandenboom, Geoff3 weeks ago
Verran, John4 weeks ago
Wakelin, Jay4 weeks ago
Woods, Jeff 3 weeks agonew
Zimmerling, Larry4 weeks ago